First Responders Test Language Translation App

Wheaton Fire Department

In August, LanguageMAPS attended the APCO 2015 event in Washington DC.  We provided live demos of 1st Minute App in the show’s App Island and made several connections with national Fire and EMS leaders while at the event.

A particular group expressed interest in testing 1st Minute App and downloaded the Android version for use at their local fire department.  Since then, many cities have expressed interest in using 1st Minute App to be prepared for EMS interactions with their non-English speaking populations. 

Read about one group currently testing 1st Minute App and other technologies: Equipping Volunteer Responders with Broadband Technologies

Interest in 1st Minute App has been increasing as a result of new product announcements, including the recently released iOS version – now available on the Apple store.

Is your department interested in testing 1st Minute App? Please reach out to us at:

Download 1st Minute App for iOS on the App Store

Download 1st Minute App for Android on Google Play