Public Safety Apps for First Responders


Mobile apps hold great potential for public safety and can improve the efficiency of first responders. With mobile technology today, we are able to exchange content-rich information, gather intelligence, share resources, and maintain situational awareness like never before – all which can significantly improve incident response and outcomes.

LanguageMAPS recently connected with public safety professionals at the APCO Emerging Technology Forum. During the forum, APCO staff presented the latest on 9-1-1 apps and discussed the challenges that must be addressed to protect PSAPs and members of the public. Through its Application Community (AppComm), APCO has partnered with developers to ensure that public safety apps are as effective as possible.

Featured public safety apps include:


PulsePoint – Empowers users within covered communities to provide life-saving assistance to victims of Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA). App users who have indicated they are trained in CPR can be notified if someone nearby is having a cardiac emergency and may require CPR. The app also directs citizen rescuers to the exact location of the closest public access AED.


STING – A situational awareness system with mobile apps that allow field units and commanders to share real-time location information, pictures, notes, and mission updates. The majority of its users are law enforcement teams who perform a variety of dynamic operations (SWAT, Narcotics, Mobile Field Force), but recently released fire and EMS versions are also in use today.

On the AppComm website, you can browse a growing collection of mobile apps related to public safety and emergency response for use by the general public and first responders, including 9-1-1 apps, EMS apps and more.

According to APCO, apps will leverage the collective knowledge and experience of both the public at large and public safety professionals in ways never before possible, advancing the capabilities of the entire first responder community.

At LanguageMAPS, we are helping first responders overcome language barriers on the job with 1st Minute App.


What public safety apps or resources do you use?

2 responses to “Public Safety Apps for First Responders”

  1. PulsePoint is a really good idea for an app. I have been CPR certified since I was a boy scout. However, I have never had to use it. I hope I never have to, but I would be willing to. Are there any stats on how well this app works?

    • Trisha Mondal says:

      Hi James,

      Thank you for your interest in 1st Minute and your input about the PulsePoint app! We actually don’t have an stats available, but we have just written a new article about the PulsePoint app as it was featured in a local news channel after helping save a person’s life. You can check it out at

      If you have any more questions about this new article or our app too, please feel free to contact our CEO, Lance Manning, at