LanguageMAPS partners for FirstNet event


On May 3rd, LanguageMAPS participated in the FirstNet Colorado event with their software partner, Hitech Systems.

Here is their press release.

Led by the FirstNet Coordinator in the Governor’s Office of Information Technology, the event featured over 20 companies demonstrating public safety technologies which ranged from network solutions to mobile applications. 200 Emergency communications officials and first responder leaders attended the event and tested technologies designed to improve communication and coordination that occur during real-life emergency responses.

Below are some guiding principles from a descriptive whitepaper authored by FirstNet Colorado Leader, Ed Mills.

  • “It is imperative that the power of mobile broadband technology be harnessed to help first responders coordinate and communicate.”
  • “… The most important development … will be the power of information technology developed by techies and placed in the hands of responders with a user interface that is simple, yet robust.”
  • “Responders seek …. the ability to collect, analyze, and use data.”
  • “FirstNet needs to hear from local responders who know the communications challenges.”

We appreciate his team’s invitation for us to participate and inform industry leaders about the  mission of the 1st Minute App – “To communicate relevant data from non-English speakers to responders  during emergencies through an easy-to-use and read interface.”

We look forward to participating in upcoming FirstNet training events around the nation.