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Pokémon Go

Whether you have an Android Device or an iPhone, you can go on an entertaining journey with Pokémon Go. You can create your virtual world and enjoy it with your buddy Pokémon on a new level. With this game, you can explore different locations that exist in the real world and enjoy many other exciting features. Additionally, Pokémon will appear in various nooks of the world in a more legendary style.

You must be excited by now. Hence, let’s dive in to know more:


If you are ready for an exciting challenge, then you can battle with different trainers on this game. Moreover, you can match up against a trainer which will be in a trio. After the battle, both players receive great rewards with unique items.

2.Exchange gifts, trade Pokémon and exchange gifts

With this fantastic game, you will have exciting real-world experiences. You can make new friends and interact with them in the real world. Also, you can compellingly share virtual gifts. Overall, it is a great source to enhance Social skills.

3.Customize trainer

It would help if you customized your trainer as per your demands. Hence, choosing the right trainer is the trick here. You can give him a relaxed look and an entirely customized. As you move, you can also check this on your map which is on your profile page. Moreover, other players can also meet with your trainer when they meet you and interact with you as friends.

4.Poked addition

In this game, you can gain a level as a trainer. Gradually, you can get more powerful Pokémon to complete higher levels. You must also collect the items used to heal your Pokémon after the battle. After then, you can get improved Poke balls to get a better shot at catching Pokémon with good berries. Hence, you can keep seeing and exploring Pokémon while raising your level.

5.Join a battle and team

If you want to assign your Pokémon a gym, you will be given to join a team of three and win the battle. Each member can only hold a gym per Pokémon, so you must play in the group to build a more robust defense. Similar to the Poke stops, gyms are also from the real world.

6.Win battles

Unlike the battle of Pokémon caught in the wild, fighting for a gym is much more difficult. Therefore you need to join with other team members. If you can raid the bosses, you will be able to get the influential member in your team and the chance to win scarce items.


Professor Willow is your guide in the world of Pokémon Go. Hence you need to be collaborative with his research. Hence, if you want to experience all the world’s mysterious places, you need to collaborate with Professor Willow. Trainers can take help with two types of research one is Special research, and the other is field research.

Field research works by spinning the photo disc at Poke Stops or Gyms. In this case, you are to engage in poke activities like joining the team, discovering and catching some Pokémon or participating.

Secondly, the Special research is offered by professor willow, who then presents this research using story-based activities. Such activities can make you dive more into this world.


As music is everything to the game. The music of Pokémon Go is composed by GAME FREAK; s Junichi Masuda. He worked on this from the beginning and inspired fans with the music of Pokémon Go.

Buddy Pokémon

With Buddy Pokémon, you can select the Pokémon with your collection and travel to your place, which will open more chances for rewards and experiences. This Pokémon will appear alongside your trainer in winning scores and prizes.